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Penguin-Lizard-Spock and the Ten Heavenly Stems

Part One: Game Mechanics So, sarkat was just visiting her sister this past week, and came back with descriptions of a card game she played with her 7 year old nephew. It actually sounded like a fascinating game: there are … Continue reading

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Māori Tengwar for DungeonWorld

Back in August, I started running a Pathfinder game in a setting of my designing that I generally refer to as DungeonWorld. It’s a world set up such that a campaign based mostly around dungeon crawls makes a certain amount … Continue reading

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A Brace of Linguists

ETA: I drew this. Expect more sometime.

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Recording a Dance of Information

A quick little story to break the ice, so to speak. So I can stop worrying about what to do for my first post, and start posting. George R. R. Martin announced today the publication date for the long awaited … Continue reading

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