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The Populated Clock

World Population by time zone, draft 1.1 Before you ask, the colors don’t mean anything, there just to make it easier to tell one bar from another. Modified logarithmic scale. All time zones are standard time for their locations, except … Continue reading

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Yes, I really did. It was part of my application to IGN CodeFoo Academy. It seems to have impressed someone, since I was accepted! kellan said it was a nice show of bravado. As in, “No one in their right … Continue reading

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Time Zone data collection

I’m currently working on a Visualization of time zones by population. When I started the Tabulation phase (which I’m still mostly in), I realized, “this calls for being a pivot table!” Luckily, unlike the last several times I’ve started a … Continue reading

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I’ve been busy lately and writing hasn’t happened. In the mean time, here are two charts I’ve been working on recently. I will eventually write posts walking through them, but in the meantime, here are the punchlines! Solar Bodies: Hyperoperators:

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