Word Family Friday: Queer

Teaser: torque, torch, queer

Proto-Indo-European <*terkʷ->: “to turn”
-> Anatolian
–> Hittite <𒋻𒆪𒉿𒀭𒍣> (tarkuwanzi): “to perform a round dance, to dance in twisting manner”
-> Indo-Iranian
–> Sanskrit <तर्कु> (tarku): “spindle”
-> Italic
–> Latin <torqueō>: “twist, spin, torment”
—> English <torque>
—> Latin <tortus>: “twisted, spun, tormented”
—-> Old French <tort>: “injury, misdeed”
—–> English <tort>: “injury, wrong, branch of law dealing with such”
—–> French <tort>: “fault, error”
—-> Latin <tortūra>: “twisting, torture”
—–> French <torture>: “tortue”
——> English <torture>
—-> French <torsion>: “torsion, act of twisting”
—–> English <torsion>
—-> Medieval Latin <tortia>: “twisted roll of fiber, torch”
—–> French <toche>: “torch”
——> English <torch>
—> Latin <torculum>: “wine or oil press”
—-> Italian <torchio>: “press, esp. olive oil press”
—-> French <treuil>: “winch, hoist”
—-> Albanian <tork>: “beam of an oil or wine press”
—-> Spanish <trullo>: “prison”
-> Germanic <*þwerhaz>: “cross, adverse”
–> Dutch <dwars>: “in a crosswise direction, slantwise, rebellious”
–> Middle Low German <dwer>
—> English <queer>
–> Old Norse <þvert>:
—> Swedish <tvär>: “perpendicular, sharp, sudden”
—> Danish <tvært>: “contrary to”
—> English <thwart>
–> Gothic <𐌸𐍅𐌰𐌹𐍂𐌷𐍃> (þwairhs): “angry”

Collected English words: torque, tort, torture, torsion, torch, queer, thwart

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